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Mark Volte, a native Italian film director in his 40s, is getting back to Sicily with his wife Lucia, a lyric singer. On the boat to get there, Nausica and Cyclops, a couple of delinquents, provoke them. After a family reunion, Cyclops appears to be another person.

FR/AT, 2021


Comedy - drama

Director & Screenplay: Charles Guérin Surville 

DoP: Luc Pages

Production: Good Way Films, Stemo Production, ELLLY Films, Egolive

With: Stefano Cassetti, Manal Issa, Nicola Nocella, Daniil Vorobiov, Margaux Chatelier, Anita Chui, Camille Dugast, Gianni Salvo, Mariluce Pennisi, Guya Jelo, Andrea Pennisi

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