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Commercial Court of Vienna 
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BTV - Bank for Tirol and Vorarlberg 
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If you can dream it, you can do it.

– Walt Disney

We are an independent motion picture production and distribution company, based in Vienna, with a worldwide network. Together with an international team of young filmmakers, we are developing and producing independent productions, employer branding spots, corporate image films and facilitating movie workshops. We are keen on working in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 



90 min feature movie: co-production

Die Höhenluft - für Alle und Keinen

100 min drama, musical, mystery: co-production

Peak of Emotions

15 min short movie: production and direction


105 min feature movie: co-production


Unterwegs in Österreich

3 documentaries of 45 min: production

Home is here

85 min feature movie: junior production

Lou Andreas-Salomé, wie ich dich liebe, Rätselleben

110 min feature movie: junior production 


short movie: screenwriting, direction and production

Taking the biscuit

short movie: direction


short movie: screenwriting and conception

Meet The Team

Elly Senger-Weiss

Law degree at University of Vienna. 7 years working as a consultant in different industries. Studied at the London Film Academy and New York Film Academy. Founder and Managing Director of ELLLY FILMS.

Caroline Zichy

Since 1992 active as a Production Manager, Line Producer, Executive Producer for several film production companies, i.a. Sternstunden Film, Interspot Film, Tellux Film, makido film, Wiener Stadtfest.

Claus Schönhofer

Born in Vienna, journalist, writer and conceptionist of multiple award-winning advertising campaigns, producer of the medicine cabarett duo Peter&Tekal.

Aglae Maydell

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at 

the University of Natural Recources and 

Life Sciences in Vienna. Strength in expressing through art and idea finding through creative thinking.

Dennis Schlaghuber

Young cameraman, director and editor. Studying for a bachelor in digital film production at the SAE Institute in Vienna. Has worked on small movie productions mostly in Austria and currently acts as intern in film production at Ellly Films.

Let's film together

Cottagegasse 30, 1180 Vienna  |  Tel: +43 664 1427121